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Selling a home in Toronto has its challenges given the hot market and the slew of gorgeous properties for sale. Using a good realtor and staging your home properly are two very important elements to having your place sell quickly and for the price you want. The third part is having the proper marketing. Yes – marketing.

It is no longer feasible to simply put a “for sale” sign in front of your house and to take out a small add in a newspaper in order for your place to sell. With greater numbers of people turning to the internet and social networks for their news and real estate listings, there are a number of approaches needed to ensure a successful sale.

The Power of Pictures

The first thing to do is to get a real estate photographer to take pictures of your property highlighting all of the best angles and vantage points. A good photographer will know exactly how to photograph your home to make it look its best. It is not just a matter of taking your own photos, real estate photographers have tricks that help them enhance a property without much effort. Real estate photographers are not easily found, but Imaginahome Inc. is fortunate to have some of the best on their team.

Network, Network, Network

With your professional pictures in hand, it is now time to hit the networks – the social networks. Post the pictures of your place on Facebook, on twitter, on Instagram and encourage your friends to share to get the most reach. If you aren’t on any of these networks or if you have a very small and private group of friends, then make sure that your realtor has a big network that they can reach through social media. Do not underestimate the influence and power that social media has in the real estate market!


The MLS or Multiple Listings Service is an absolute must for anyone looking to sell their home. It is the database where all houses being sold are listed. Available across Canada, except in Quebec, it is the definitive site used by sellers and buyers to showcase their properties. Be sure that your real estate agent has your house up on the MLS the minute the marketing materials are ready.

Brochures, postcards and more

Regardless of your property’s value, it is always a good idea to have professional brochures of your home printed up and ready to hand out when you are having an open house. A well put together brochure will enhance your property’s value and will keep it top-of-mind longer after potential buyers have visited. If your agent doesn’t work with such marketing materials, insist that they do for your place. Imaginahome Inc. has an array of marketing material packages that can be tailored for your property. Let your realtor know that this is available if they aren’t aware.

Keep in mind that any kind of sales will require a certain investment. However, that invest will most certainly pay-off in the end when your property is the hottest one on the block and you get exactly what you wanted – and maybe even more.


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