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Online Listings

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Online listings are more necessary than ever if you want to sell your Toronto home. With the advent of the online marketing the real estate industry has been moving steadily towards a more virtual sales model. There are several advantages of putting your listing online. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Syndication Synergy

By listing your property online with a syndicated website you will automatically have that listing placed on other websites, portals and real estate forums – and you would only have had the initial listing to create. Syndication is a terrific way to get greater exposure for your listings that by posting them one at a time on different sites.

The Power of Social

Yes, it has become ubiquitous to say that social media is powerful – because it is. It’s that simple. The best agents know this and harness the power of the web to get their listings viewed and sold faster and for a higher value than their competition. Posting your listing to your Facebook page, tweeting about it from your Twitter account and showcasing it on Instagram are some of the many very important tools needed to better market your home.

Websites, Private Message Boards and Beyond

A good real estate agent absolutely have their own website where they can post their listings (including yours) but the really good agents will also work with a real estate marketing firm to better exploit all of the possibilities when it comes to showing off your property. Imaginahome has its own blog and website where agents can post their listings in high-definition and in vibrant colour. Other online resources include Craig’s list and Kijiji and real estate forums.

Regardless of what marketing direction you decide to go in with your property listing – make sure that it includes an online component for the best results!


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