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Keeping it cool – the best ways to lower the temperature in your home without air conditioning

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Summer has hit Toronto. The heat is palpable and perfect for barbecues, swimming and heading to the beach – that’s under normal conditions. Due to the pandemic most people are staying put and sticking close to their home. Keeping cool on hot days doesn’t necessarily have to include air conditioning. For those who don’t have an air conditioner at home, here are some handy ways of staying cool even at the peak of a heat wave.

Close your blinds! Yes, having beautiful sunlight streaming in through your windows can cheer up any room, however that sunlight is increasing the heat in your Toronto home by 30%. One of the simplest ways of keeping the heat down is by closing your blinds – even better, invest in black out blinds. Blackout blinds can actually lower temperatures inside your house by upto 20 degrees.

Open your windows at night. Temperatures naturally drop at night when the sun goes down, making it the best time to get the heat out of your house and let in that fresh night air. It is best to open windows on opposite ends of your home to encourage a crosswind to blow to really get the air circulating. Then just before the heat of the day starts to increase, close your windows and lower your blinds or close your curtains.

Another good way to keep the temperature in your house down is to keep rooms that are rarely used closed. By closing the doors to rooms that aren’t used on a daily basis, the heat from that room doesn’t spread to other areas of the home and conversely, any coolness in the house doesn’t need to be shared with that extra room.

Use your fans wisely! Did you know that ceiling fans have two settings? In the summer, they should be set to turn counterclockwise to create a cooling wind. If you only have pedestal or table-top fans, try setting up a bucket of ice in front of the fan – as the wind blows and the ice melts, it will send a refreshingly cool breeze into the air.

Another good hack to staying cool in the dog days of summer is to cook outside on your grill. Using your grill is fun, easy and will keep the heat outside. If you don’t have a grill, then avoid using your oven. Use the stove top sparingly and avoid the oven altogether. The heat from an oven can dramatically increase the temperature in your home, so keep the cakes on hold until the temperature dips.

Staying cool during a heat wave can be done – by following just a few of these tips, you can control how hot your home gets.


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