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Proper seating for a home office

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If you have been forced to work from your Toronto home because of the Covid 19 situation, you have likely realized that having a proper work space is crucial to your productivity. And, one of the main factors when setting up a home office is having a good work chair. When you consider that you will be sitting for about 8 hours every day on your chair, it becomes clear that having the right support and proper cushioning for your needs is necessary for maintaining a healthy body while you work.

First off, what should you look for in a chair? Simple, your chair should have:

Adjustability: you should be able to adjust every part of the chair from the arm rests to the recline tension to get the optimal settings for your physique.
Lumbar support: get a chair that provides adequate support for your lower back. If you are able to adjust the amount of support you get, even better!
Base: get wheels! Unless you want to scratch up your floor, wheels are very important in an office chair. And, if your floor is carpeted, wheels will also make it easier to move around.
Swivel feature: being able to swivel at your desk will give you a greater range of motion and will make reaching for various items on your desk that much easier.
Breathability: sure leather chairs look great – but having a breathable fabric will be more comfortable over the long run and over long periods of time.

Now let’s look at what your posture should be while you are sitting. Your chair should allow your feet to be planted flat on the floor so that your knees and hips are in line. Your hips should be as far back on the seat as possible and the back of the chair should be slighting reclined, so that you are not sitting at a ninety degree angle. Your keyboard and monitor should both be directly in front of you. Your monitor should be slightly higher than eye level, as this will relieve pressure in your neck. Your shoulders should be relaxed. If you catch yourself rounding them or raising them, get up and shake them out before sitting down again. Rounding or raising your shoulders can result in injury.

Now you can go out and get yourself the perfect chair for your Toronto home office.


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