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Choosing the right sink

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In any Toronto house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family and friends automatically gather. Since the kitchen sees so much use – it is only natural to want good finishes and amenities included in it. One of those crucial elements is the sink. A solid, serviceable sink is essential for so many reasons – it must handle temperature extremes, pots and pans, kitchen implements and everything you want to wash in it.

In the past sinks were rather basic and utilitarian – either stainless steel or enameled cast iron. But today, there are a number of very interesting options including granite composite, copper and stone. Your ultimate choice will depend on design, your cabinets and also on how you work. Do you require a double sink, an extra deep bowl, a triple bowl, a drain board? Before rushing out to buy the first sink you see, you should carefully weigh your options and choose based on your lifestyle and needs.

Overmount vs undermount

The first thing to think about is whether you want an undermount or overmount sink. Overmount sinks are easier to install as you simply drop them into the precut hole in your countertop. The lip of the sink forms a seal that prevents water from leaking underneath it. Undermount sinks have become trendy because they expose more of the counter creating a better visual. They can be trickier to install as the edges need to be sealed from underneath to prevent water damage.


Yes, you can stick with stainless steel, but unless it is a high gauge of steel, these sinks tend to get scratched up easily and will look worn quite quickly. However, they are a tried and true option that have served very well for generations.

Enamel cast-iron sinks are another stable option, however, unless properly cared for, the enamel can wear off, which can leave the coating dull and discoloured.

Granite composite sinks are newer but get very good reviews since they are tough, they don’t scratch easily and they don’t stain. They can also be found in a number of colour variations to suit your design needs.

On the more premium-end of the scale are copper sinks. These beauties last a very long time and retain their good-looks for generations – however, they are sensitive to acids, heat and harsh cleaning agents and are also susceptible to dings and scratches, which often end-up adding to their cachet. However, be prepared to pay for their elegance and to spend more time maintaining them.

Bowls and drainboards

Choosing the correct number of bowls is very important. If you wash a lot of large pans or pots, then one bowl might be more convenient than two because you will be able to fit them in completely. On the other hand, if you wash a lot of dishes, then you might want two sinks so that you can wash in one and rince in the other. The depth of the bowls is also important. They usually range between seven and twelve inches. Although very convenient, the deeper the sink the harder it can be to wash in the corners – unless they are rounded.

Finally do you need a drainboard or not? Drainboards are not as popular in Toronto as they are in Europe but they are convenient no matter where. If you wash your dishes and dry them on a drainboard on the side of your sink, then having an integrated board might be the right option for you. Having them built in means easier clean-up and fewer chances of water spilling over.

With the number of sink options on the market today, it is easier to choose the model that will most suit your needs and design preference.


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