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Fun with Flooring

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Flooring can make all of the difference in a room. Regardless of your style or decor, the right material underfoot can dramatically alter the look and feel of your room. Along with conventional flooring materials, there are some fun options that most people are unaware exist. Opting for something a bit out-of-the box can really help create the space that speaks to your personal style and taste. Here we will look at some fun options that are starting to catch on!
End grain wood tiles
Yes, you read that correctly – end grain. All this means is that the wood is cut against the grain instead of with it, creating a distinct look for your floors. Ideal for cottages and cabins, given the right treatment this kind of tile can look great in a formal setting as well.
Moroccan wood tiles
Moroccan wood tiles come in several shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they evoke the exoticness of a Moorish palace. Curvy and classic, these beautiful tiles will add refinement and grace to any space.
Sustainable, attractive and inexpensive, bamboo flooring is all the rage for so many reasons – not the least of which is how good it looks! Given how quickly it grows and the abundance of the material, bamboo is one of those hip flooring ideas that it both good-looking and environmentally friendly.
Not just for keeping your wine fresh or pinning up notices in your office – cork is a great material for flooring as well. Easily renewable, cork is also a naturally resistant to mold and mildew, is a great insulator and sound dampner and is very durable – it is also long-lasting since the color of the cork goes right through it.
Given all of the fun choices in flooring currently on the market, it is not always easy choosing the right one for your needs. However, with a bit of inspiration you just might find that the right materials is not what most convention dictates and something a bit more you.


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