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Budgeting For Renos

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Budgeting for renos in your Toronto home can be a difficult thing to do. Most people are unaware of what materials and labor cost and therefore, aren’t sure exactly how much to set aside for their projects. Depending on the kind of materials you choose for your project and whether you plan on doing part or most of the work yourself will greatly influence your costs.
Here is a basic overview of materials for a kitchen, what they cost and how much you should budget for them.
Depending on the materials you choose for your counters, the size you need, the thickness you choose and the design involved will definitely change the price you pay. However, basic costs are as follows:
Natural stone (marble, granite): $100/square foot
Man-made stone (Quartz, Corian): $75-$100/square foot
Butcher block: $60-$80/square foot
Laminate: $25-$50/square foot
Stainless steel: $125/square foot
Flooring prices really run the gamut from $.59/square foot to $30/square foot. Your price will depend entirely on the kind of material you choose for your floor. Just remember, that if you go cheap and pick out a laminate, what you might save upfront, will be taken from your bottom line if you ever decide to sell. Keep in mind that when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, you should put in the best you can afford, while still keeping in mind your neighbourhood and what it will support in resale.
Again here, depending on what material you choose and the size of your kitchen, you can get decent looking presswood cabinets for a 10’x10’ kitchen for around $5000 or you can spend nearly $40,000 on a custom built wood kitchen. What you want, your neighbourhood and what you can afford will naturally play a role in what you choose.
Sometimes inexpensive cabinets can be made to look regal and rich with the right fixtures. Look to pay anywhere from $.99 to $20 per fixture depending on design and the material used.
In the end a simple kitchen renovation including labor will cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 depending on the materials you choose.


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