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Tiny Home Trend

1 1 Nisha Muire
The latest trend in home ownership is that of small or tiny homes. The new fangled fad is gaining momentum among people who are opting out of the rat-race and the need for large dwellings that often leave them with little or no money left over at the end of the month. Instead, a tiny house allows people to live rent and mortgage-free. At the same time it forces people to pare down their belongings and to re-evaluate their lifestyle.
Tiny homes are naturally not for everyone. Ideally they work best for those who are single or for more adventurous couples. The restricted footprint of these small dwellings means that you must find ways to compromise and to make-do with less.
Those who espouse this lifestyle tout the freedom that they feel in not having monthly rent or mortgage payments and also the serenity they get from a simpler existence without as much “stuff” to clutter up their lives.
Here are some of the advantages to living in a tiny home:
– Cost savings – being able to pay off a small home frees up a lot of monthly income
– Energy efficiency – smaller homes require less heating, water and electricity to operate
– Less maintenance – there is less cleaning and less maintenance in a small property
– Smaller environmental footprint
– More time to yourself
If you are seriously considering buying a tiny home keep in mind the following things:
– Make a short list of what you deem essential in a home.
– Research! There are so many models from which to choose, you should be well-versed in what is available and what you want.
– Decide on whether you want to live off the grid.
– Be ready to compromise as a small house will naturally entail giving up certain items
Regardless of the reasons you might choose to live in a tiny house, one thing is certain – you will likely find it liberating and a life-changing experience.


Nisha Muire

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