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Freshen Up Your Toronto Home after Winter

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Spring is always a great time to freshen up your home. During the winter we tend to keep our windows and doors closed and we don’t necessarily get rid of all those things that cause clutter and dust to build up in your houses and lives. However, the warmer weather and the sunshine are the perfect signal that it’s time to get back in control and to freshen up, lighten up and renew your home, and at the same time, your spirit.
Here are a few very easy steps to help you shake off winter’s mantle.
Open up!
Spring is the perfect time to throw open your windows, let in a cross breeze and air out your house. After a long winter, there is nothing better for getting rid of stale air.
Clean up!
Giving every room a deep, thorough cleaning will help to get rid of dust, cobwebs and the fine dirt that can build up throughout the year. Wash your walls, floors and ceiling. Put cloth curtains and pillows in the laundry and change your linen.
Lighten Up!
Lightening up means getting rid of all the clutter in your home. Spring is a great time to weed through closets, drawers, storage areas and your garage to get rid of everything you no longer need. Whatever is still in good condition can be sold at a garage sale or donated to charity.
Spruce up!
Spruce up your surroundings by swapping out heavy winter throws and pillows for lighter fabrics. Add splashes of vibrant colour to dull settings and use plants to enliven a dull corner or an empty bookshelf.
Touch up!
Touching up paint that has been chipped or damaged will make your home look brand new regardless of how old it is. In fact, for a quick pick-me-up, just paint all of your frames, baseboards and crown mouldings in a bright, glossy white to make your wall colours pop and to make your trims look fabulous.
Getting organized is paramount to creating a fresh new reality in your home. Use organizers, shelves and boxes to give everything it’s own proper spot – and then make sure it goes back in that spot every time you take it out to use it.
Getting your Toronto home ready for summer doesn’t take much – just a little time and effort, and the rewards are well worth the price.


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