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Boosting Visibility Through Social Media

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Selling your Toronto home is all about proper marketing. Social media is now a vital part of any marketing campaign. Boosting the visibility of your home sale through social media is one of the best ways to get your property in front of the right people.
Facebook is definitely the keystone to every good social media campaign. Even with the requirement of boosting posts to make sure that your post is seen by as many people as possible, it is still a solid option when it comes to spreading the word with your listing.
Twitter is next on the social media echelon when it comes to real estate marketing. Tweeting a link to your listing with a good teaser about the property and area in which it is found is a great way of driving traffic to your listing without having to wait for people to find it on the MLS.
The beauty of Instagram is that it is a truly visual platform. If you have a gorgeous listing then posting it on Instagram and tagging it appropriately will definitely go a long way toward driving the right people to the property.
Here are a few tips to ensure that your listing gets the most visibility possible so that your sale is fast and efficient.
Make it engaging
To get people to click on your link or actually engage with your post or tweet, you have to pique their curiosity. You have to make it engaging. You’ve got to aim somewhere between clickbait and a news piece. You want to pose a question that people will want to have answered. For instance, “Looking for a bright, well-maintained 6 ½ in North York walking distance to transportation and services? Click here.” Craft posts that leave people wanting to know more.
Keep it short
Don’t write too much in your posts. If there are certain features you want to highlight, put them in bullet form. Social is for quick, easily digestible information. If there is a lot more to say about a property, then link to your website or listing.
Add visuals
Social is all about visuals. Whether picture or video, it is important to add a picture to really call attention to your post.
If you are able to get the right combination of all three things listed above, then your post will get shared and that is how you can increase its reach and, in turn, the number of people who are exposed to your listing.


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