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Zen Life

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Zen spaces are the latest trend in Toronto home interior design. The reason for these tranquil settings is clear – they are the best way to escape the rigors and stresses of everyday life. In fact, every home should have at least one space where all cares and worries can melt away. Whether it is the ensuite, a den, a sunroom or even a basement, the way a space is set-up can mean all the difference in the world to its draw and the way it makes your feel.
There are certain elements needed to accomplish a Zen setting. By following a few simple rules you also can create either a whole home serenity retreat or just an oasis of tranquility in the room of your choice.
1. Natural materials
Using natural materials is one of the best ways to create a calm space. The texture and composition of natural woods, stones, wicker, cottons, wools, etc… contribute immensely to a purer aesthetic and to Zen setting.
2. Earthy colours
Keeping things neutral and earthy will help you to induce a sense of relaxation in any space. If you choose to go the monochromatic route, you can add accents of darker shades/hues of the same colour to produce contrast but to remain basically within the same palate.
3. The right furniture
Serene space require clean lines and uncomplicated design – this should naturally be reflected in the furniture that is chosen for your room. Avoid intricate patterns and a lot of detailing as these will distract from the overall theme of the space.
4. Natural light
Play up the positive attributes of natural light in the space you are designing as your Zen oasis. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, then make sure that the light you do have is indirect, soft and diffuse. If you have plenty of sunshine spilling into the space, use sheer blinds and/or other translucent materials to help diffuse the amount and intensity of the light entering the room.
5. Simple accents
Keep accents in the room simple – basically it means not to clutter up the space with knick-knacks, odds-and-ends and other bric-a-brac. Keep ornaments simple and to a minimum. Instead use plants and greenery to enhance the setting.
6. The nose knows
Lastly, any tranquil setting should smell as inviting as it looks. Eliminate pet odor and other unpleasant smells by including some sort of potpourri, scented candles or other odor diffuser in your design.
Once you have completed your serenity inducing space, the only trouble will be having to leave it!


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