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Gas Fireplaces
266 189 Nisha Muire

Toronto winters can be long and shivery. Installing a fireplace is always a popular idea yet many urban municipalities no longer permit wood-burning fireplaces due to the emissions they produce. However, gas fireplaces are a viable alternative, which offer many…

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Manual vs Electric Garage Doors
313 161 Nisha Muire

Are you thinking of replacing your Toronto garage door? Deciding between replacing it with a manual or electric garage door can be a tricky decision to make. Although there are clear advantages for one over the other – especially given…

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The evolution of home security
721 400 Nisha Muire

Home security in Toronto has gone from neighbourhood watches to super-sophisticated computers and cameras that can detect friends from foes and give you far more control over your private sphere when you are away than ever before.   Home security…

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Should you install security cameras?
1024 768 Nisha Muire

Installing security cameras at your Toronto home can be a question of security, but also one of privacy. When it comes to whether or not to install cameras, there are a few points to take into consideration beforehand.   The…

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Choosing the right home security system
640 360 Nisha Muire

Toronto home security is a big business and the system you choose to secure your home will reflect the level of control you want over what your system can do.Some systems are quite unsophisticated and include sensors and triggers at…

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Wifi VS Ethernet
500 304 Nisha Muire

So, you want to wire your Toronto home? It is certainly one of those options that is still very much in demand in new and resale properties – why? Very simply because while wifi is super convenient, ethernet still has…

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Smart Home (Automation) Technology
600 368 Nisha Muire

Smart Toronto homes are the way of the future. With advances in what automation can do to improve and facilitate everything in our lives from locking our doors remotely to monitoring who is going in and out, there are gadgets…

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Keeping Your Roof On
800 600 Nisha Muire

The roof of your Toronto home is what protects it from the elements, provides you with a warm, dry place to live and shields your belongings from the elements. The key to taking care of your roof is maintenance. Although…

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Creating an income suite
620 414 Nisha Muire

Creating an income suite in your Toronto home is a good way of generating passive income and of helping you pay down your mortgage. With the ever-increasing cost of homes in the GTA, it is no wonder that some people…

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Toronto Fall Home Show
725 150 Nisha Muire

It’s that wonderful time of year again! The Toronto Fall Home Show is here. Running from Sept. 28-30 at the Enercare Centre Exhibition place in Toronto, this year’s edition is set to be concentrate on: restructuring, reorganizing and restyling.  …

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