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Wonderful Wine Cellars

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Gone are the days where wine was stored in a cold room under your stairs. Today’s Toronto wine cellars are elaborate creations that have more in common with French vintners than they do with the cantinas of yesteryear. Although you can certainly have a wine fridge in your kitchen or even a walk-in, dedicated wine fridge, nothing compares to an entire room given over to the careful storage of your favorite vintages.
There are a number of outfitters who will help you to custom design your wine cellar – whether you want to turn an existing room into a wine cave or build a new one from scratch, there are many options open to you.
Aside from getting the proper shelving in place, the single most important aspect of a wine cellar is temperature. You need to have a fail-safe and sophisticated mechanism for keeping your wines at the optimal temperature so that remain properly preserved. It is imperative to have a good temperature regulation system, a way of sealing your cellar and a back-up generator to keep the system from failing in case of a power failure.
Some people go all out when creating a wine cellar and actually build it out of stone or brick to mimic actual cellars found in Europe. Others work with what they have and simply paint the needed detailing onto the walls. Some of the more modern wine cellars are not found in basements, but are actually part of the home’s overall design and are used as showpieces in the kitchen or dining room. These tend to be clear glass cases with the wine bottles arranged in a fetching display.
Regardless of the kind of wine cellar you choose to build in your home, it will certainly add value to your residence while bringing you pleasure for years to come.


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