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At-Home Wet Bar

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A wet bar can make any gathering come alive. Whether upstairs in your family room, a small space off your kitchen or a larger spot in your recreation room, a wet bar will automatically put your friends at ease and make the conversations flow – not to mention that they are the ideal place for storing your alcohol. Wet bars can come in all shapes and sizes and can be as simple as a counter with a sink and a few shelves on a wall, to as elaborate at the bars you see at your local pub. Regardless of what you choose, a wet bar will definitely add to your lifestyle.
Naturally, as it’s name suggestion a wet bar should have running water, a sink and draining. Ideally it should also have a large enough spot for mixing drinks and catching spills. Another interesting feature to include in your wet bar design would be beer taps and beer gutters to catch overflow without creating a mess. Although gutters are usually absent for ordinary wet bar designs, some places will include them, but you can always ask for them to be including as well.
When it comes to electricity at your wet bar remember that liquids and current can be a deadly mix. Always install GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protected electrical power outlets to protect yourself and any other “bar tenders” from mishaps.
Counters and sinks
Your wet bar counters should include enough space for drying your glassware and should ideally including glassware mats. Remember to protect your drains by placing filter over them to prevent them from getting clogged up with mixed drink debris. Lastly, make sure to have germ-killing disinfectants around to keep your surfaces mildew-free as mold and mildew can build up very quickly in a wet environment.
If you only plan to use your wet bar on sporadically, then flooring isn’t that big of a consideration, but if you plan on throwing big parties where someone will have to man the bar for several hours at a stretch, then you might consider building a floor that slopes towards a drain to catch any spills. You might also consider using anti-fatigue mats and rubberized flooring to better protect your ground.
A wet bar can be a great addition to any home – especially if you like to entertain. So, if you are planning on building one in your home – be sure to do it right to maximize your return on investment.
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