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Window treatments: drapes vs blinds

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Window treatments can really change the look and feel of a room in your Toronto home. Depending on your choice of covering it can either increase its formality, add glamour and glitz or impart a laid-back bohemian feel to your setting. What you decide on will greatly be influenced by your overall design theme.
Regardless of what you go with, whether blinds or curtain, there is no shortage of styles, materials and textures from which to choose. Let’s take a look at what’s available.
Hard vertical or horizontal slats are very convenient window treatments as they are easy to install, provide good coverage and take up little space. Such blinds are usually made of plastic, wood or aluminium. Horizontal slats, otherwise known as Venetian blinds, are ideal for smaller windows while the larger vertical slats are more commonly used for walkouts and much larger windows. Slats are practical window treatments that offer the largest degree of control over how much light filters in and also come in a very wide selection of colours and patterns. However, they are also high maintenance as they tend to accumulate dust and they are also prone to bending and breaking easily. Lastly, they are not as efficient at insulating a room as curtains.
Curtains are very versatile and easy to clean and are excellent insulators. They also frame windows really well and can provide a “look” to a space instead of just covering your windows. However, they do take up a lot more space than blinds and when used in kitchens or bathroom could risk developing mould unless dried properly after any steamy showers.
Roman blinds
Roman blinds are a hybrid of blinds and curtains. Usually made from a fabric that you can roll up and down, they are easily adjustable, provide excellent black-out features if coated with a black out material and add a nice ambiance to a room. If you choose to go with Roman blinds just make sure that they have a plasticized finish so that you can easily wipe them clean – otherwise cleaning them can be a bit challenging.


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