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Choosing a wall covering

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Choosing a wall covering for your Toronto home can be a tough decision. Do you paint? Do you wallpaper? Do you add mouldings? A chair rail? The choice of what you can do with walls is endless and limited only by your imagination. Some executive homes boast full murals reminiscent of European palaces while textured wall papers are always a rich complement to formal settings. Deciding on what you will use in your own home will be based on several factors.
Your personal sense of style
Your budget
How conservative or daring you are
What appeals to you
Your personal sense of style will heavily dictated the kind of colours, textures and/or fabrics and finishes you choose for your wall coverings. Paint is the most commonly used cover as it is easy to apply, easily replaced and easy to maintain. Plus paint comes in a multitude of shades and varieties making it simple to get exactly what you want. The one thing to remember about paint is that quality counts. It is better to invest in a good quality paint that will require just one coat instead of spending less on a paint that will require four or five coats for the same kind of finish.
Wallpapers are beautiful and can add a real statement to any setting. However, they are trickier to install and can be difficult to source unless you go to a specialty store, order them online or custom order them. However, what you can do with wallpaper is wonderfully varied and can really dress up a room. Heavier, brocade wallpapers are great for formal settings while lighter more whimsical designs and textures can be used anywhere. You can even get full wall coverings of just one picture – these are more expensive but can really create a special mood or ambiance in your space.
Adding mouldings or railings to your walls can also create a lovely textured look that can be further emphasized by painting the mouldings a different colour from the walls for a bold look and feel.
If you are truly adventurous and want to personalize your space entirely, then a custom mural can be a lot of fun. Whether it is a serious work of art depicting a hunt in your wine cellar or a silly underwater season for a child’s bedroom, custom murals come in all shapes and sizes.
Lastly, remember that whatever you choose to put on your walls will have to live up to everyday wear and tear. If it is just you or you and your partner then fancier, more costly wall coverings are worth it. However, if you have a large family with young children then thinking about durability and easy-clean up options are definitely worth your time.


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