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Vacation time and your house is safe!

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Toronto is having a rather mild weather for this time of year, but still, the call of a hot sun down south will have many Torontonians leaving for warmer climes this winter. If you are one of those fortunate souls, be sure to follow the following guidelines to guarantee peace-of-mind while you are away – because nothing can ruin a great vacation like returning to a house that has been burgled.

Did you know that it takes just minutes for someone to break into a home? The best deterrent is the impression that someone is home. And, the way to create this impression is quite simple, so long as you take the necessary steps below:

– Stop your newspaper and get a neighbour to pick up your flyers
– If you don’t have a communal mailbox, ask Canada Post to hold your mail
– Ask a friend or neighbour to shovel your driveway and/or walkway
– Be discreet while loading luggage into your trunk
– Buy timers for your lights that go on at different times in different rooms
– Keep the curtains drawn in rooms where you have valuables
– Don’t talk about your vacation plans on social media

Securing the grounds around your home is also important to keep it safe. So, be sure to remove anything that could be used as a ladder and install motion sensor exterior lights at key points such as entrances and along pathways. If possible eliminate any areas that could be used for hiding.

Next, be sure to lock all doors and windows including doors to the garage and basement windows. Put window stops on the frames of any basement and ground level windows to make it harder for anyone trying to get in. Today you can also invest in smart security cameras that will let you monitor your home via an app while away. Although costly, they are great if you want to be extra secure when on vacation.

As time is of the essence in any burglary, any impediment or obstacle that requires just a little more time, will discourage a burglar from trying. So, even though it might mean a little effort to put these small things into place before your leave, they are well-worth it a happy return from your well-deserved holiday.


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