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Safeguarding your house before and after a storm

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Winter weather can wreak havoc on your Toronto home. It is very important to prepare for any storms before and after. Before the weather event you need to seal any cracks and make sure water pathways are clear. Afterwards, check your structure to make sure there are no dangers lurking from accumulated snow and/or water. So, after any big storm, it is very important to check for the following:

Snow accumulation
Any accumulated snow should be removed immediately from roofs and eaves. Snow is very heavy and if too much sits on your roof it can put stress on joints. Telltale signs that your roof is under too much strain:
Sudden cracks above door frames that weren’t there before
Doors that won’t close properly

If you see either of these two signs, definitely go out and remove the snow from your roof – and if you aren’t able to do so yourself, then you should hire a professional to get it done.

Water accumulation
If there is snow on your roof or in your eaves and the weather warms and it starts to melt it can also damage your roof. A give-away that water is accumulating on your roof is water damage on your ceilings. Again it would be crucial to get the snow off your roof and then to call in a roofer to have it assessed and to check for weak points at which the water was able to get in.

Other things that you need to watch for when there is a storm is water seepage caused by burst pipes or infiltrating your home through cracks. Should you spot any water infiltration, you need to act immediately because mold can set in within 24-48 hours. Another big risk with water is electrical damage. Water can cause your wiring to spark – which would result in a fire inside your walls.

For all of these reasons, it is important to safeguard your home before and after a storm. For more interesting blogs on Toronto real estate, try https://blog.feedspot.com/toronto_real_estate_blogs/.


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