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Toronto Real Estate Spring Madness

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Spring is one of the hottest times of year for selling and buying property in Toronto – and anywhere else in Canada, for that matter. The real estate market wakes up as buyers and sellers come out of hibernation and are raring to go with their projects. It would seem that most people are anxious to find or sell a home before the summer months. Across the country the pattern is the same with a spike in certain cities like Montreal as July 1st is the date when all leases are renewed and renters who don’t want to sign for another year need to find a house before that date.
In Ontario spring leading up to early summer is a terrific time for finding a new place or for selling your old one. However, because there are so many properties listed at this time of year, it is imperative that you find a way to make your home stand out from the crowd. There are several factors that go into making your home the one everyone wants. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you put yours up on the market.
1) The Right Realtor
Find the right realtor! A realtor specialized in your neighbourhood will know where to look for clients, how to market to people in your area and will have the contacts needed to find potential buyers.
2) Get it Ready
Make sure your home is ready to show – that means cleaning up thoroughly. Hire a cleaning service if you need to but get it done! Make any minor repairs, repaint if it’s looking tired and stage your home if necessary. Don’t forget about the outside – curb appeal is a huge factor in getting your home sold. A property that is attractive from the outside is more likely to stick in a buyer’s mind long after the visit is over.
3) Price it Competitively
Pricing your home at the right price point will go a long way towards attracting the right kind of buyers. Price it too high and you are likely to scare away potential buyers. A good realtor will help you to make this kind of decision – but don’t let yourself get bullied into pricing too low either. You need to find a range in which you feel comfortable.
As long as you follow the simple above guidelines, you can successfully take part in the annual rite of spring-time realty madness and come out a winner.


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