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Getting Top Dollar For Your Toronto Home

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Selling your home in Toronto used to be very easy with bidding ways taking place constantly. The market is no longer as hot and so you need to do all in your power to make sure that your residence draws the biggest number of bids at the highest price. There are certain things you can do to ensure that your home sells for what you want.
Be online!
According to MoneySense magazine 90% of home buyers first look online for properties – even before contacting a real estate agent. Naturally, this means that you need to have a significant online presence to attract as much interest as possible. While the MLS is still one of the best places to list, you also have to think about other real estate sources including Kijiji, Craigslist and the classified sections of online publications.  
1) Have good photos!
The internet is very visual and buyers want to see a home that is well maintained and attractive. If your house doesn’t look like it was taken care of, buyers will usually discount it right away. The best way to showcase your home is through professional photography. Make sure that your photos tell a story – start with the front of the house, move inside and go through each room starting with the main level. Make sure that the rooms are brightly lit, clean and devoid of clutter and personal items such as family photos and knick knacks. When taking pictures outside, be sure to move your car out of the driveway, to rake any stray leaves, weed the garden, mow the lawn and tidy up patio furniture. In short, make sure your house looks good on film!
Sell at the right time!
The spring and early fall are the best times to list your home for a quick sell. People either want to get their home just before summer so that they can move it easily and have the summer to set up or they target the fall when everyone is back to the regular routine. Summer and winter are usually the slowest time of year.
Staging is no longer a luxury when selling a home but a necessity. Many real estate agents recognize this fact and include the service in their fees. The right staging will present your home in a way that is attractive to potential buyers.
Here are a few other tips to make sure you get top dollar for your Toronto home:
Clean and declutter your closets
Paint faded and worn-out looking rooms
Get rid of odors – especially pet odors
Keep it clean
Change light fixtures and/or hardware to make it look modern
Groom the exterior
Add little touches like flowers, fresh bars of soap, clean towels, etc… to complete each space.
Happy selling!


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