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Time for a swim!

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Toronto summers can be hot. And, having a pool to jump in at the end of the day can really make a difference to your estival enjoyment. Pools come in many shapes and sizes, but recent innovations means that even homes with smaller yards can install a place to splash about in without compromising too much of your backyard.

Regular pool
Everyone is familiar with a regular pool – they are the pools that are found in 99% of people’s homes. They usually are a minimum of 20 feet long and can anywhere from 10 to 16 feet wide. They can be fully in-ground, partially in-ground or above-ground. You can get them in concrete, fiberglass or with a vinyl liner. The cost of these pools vary tremendously depending on size, depth, finishes and features. However, one thing is certain – they are a lot of fun and great for hosting pool parties, doing laps or simply floating around.

Cocktail pool
Next up are cocktail pools. These new additions to the pool family are very interesting because they are one size down from a regular pool – they can go up to 14 feet long, and are one depth throughout. They are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space for a pool, are not keen on spending the kind of money required for a larger pool and/or want to use their pool as a spa as well – something that cocktail pools can easily do. Another great feature of cocktail pools is that they can also be installed indoors much more easily than a regular pool and are much easier and less expensive to maintain. What is really great about cocktail pools is that you can add any number of features to them including spa jets, heaters, seating, fountains, waterfalls, bubbles, a swim machine or even an underwater treadmill. The options are terrific and allow you to really customize your pool.

Plunge pool
Last up on our list of pools is the plunge pool. This nifty option is really designed for therapeutic purposes. It provides enough space to do water workouts. As they can be heated or cooled, they are great for those who need warm water therapy or cold therapy. They are often used by athletes to relax muscles after strenuous workouts. They are also favored by the elderly or those suffering from arthritis who need warm water workouts to keep their joints limber. These plunge pools can come with a swim machine and can also be installed indoors.

Choosing a pool is fun – whether you opt for a regular, a cocktail or a plunge pool, the choices are endless and the options many. The final decisions will depend on your preferences and your budget.


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