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Shine a light!

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Summer in Toronto is garden season! And some of the city’s gardens are nothing short of spectacular. Whether your garden is little more than flowers in pots lining your patio or you have a ravine lot brimming with old growth trees and perennial flower beds, one element that can really spruce up your surroundings and add ambiance to any setting is lighting. With the right lighting you can take your yard to the next left. With the right lighting, you can transform your yard into another world.

Designing your lighting needs is the first thing to do when considering your lighting options. Before simply buying a string of fairy lights to string up in your tree or purchasing garden lanterns to line your walkway, carefully look over your yard and identify the structures you would like to highlight and the seating areas that could use some ambiance.

When designing your lighting plan keep in mind that it is best to shed light on pathways and stairs to avoid accidents in the dark. There are several terrific options now for such lighting including lights that are placed directly on the stairs and/or fencing to guide people along the right path.

Once your plan is done, next is determining what kind of lights belong in those areas. Gone are the days of patio lanterns being your sole option for lighting. Today lighting options run the gamut from the traditional lantern to fairy lights to orbs and to other alternatives such as solar-powered offerings, candles, spot lighting, stair lights and even movement activated lights.

Regardless of your budget there are lights available for everyone. The best, longest wearing options are found at home hardware stores and landscaping businesses. However, you can also find some very decent garden lights online and if your budget is really small, the dollar store can also be a decent alternative, although don’t expect them to last beyond one season.

A lit garden can be used even after the sun sets and provides an extension of your living area. Make the most of what you have by shedding light on it!


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