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Sprucing Up your Front Porch

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Sprucing up the front porch of your Toronto home to make it more welcoming is not very hard to do. In fact, depending on the start of repair of your front stoop, usually it doesn’t require much more than some well placed potted plants and/or a coat of paint to really take things up a notch. If your porch requires more extensive repair work before being presentable then, yes, it might cost more, but depending on the work that needs to be done, there are all kinds of interesting solutions for you.
The simple fix
If your front porch is already in good shape, then investing in some good pots and yearly blooms might be all you need to throw colour into your entrance way. A pair of matching pots with healthy flowers can go a long way toward livening up your front door. Planting perennials and shrubs around your front porch can also add interest and beauty to your home.
If you have a covered front porch, then the addition of a few comfy chairs a table or two and maybe even a throw rug can definitely beckon people to sit and relax. If your porch is made of wood, then refreshing the paint every couple of years will keep it looking its best and preserve the wood as well.
More complicated fixes
If your stoop is in need of major repair work, then finding a good contractor is of essence. A poured concrete porch is the longest lasting option available as long as it is done well and cured properly. However, it is also often the most expensive option. Although you can certainly opt to repair damaged concrete, unless it is done well, it won’t adhere to the existing work.
Another option is to cover your existing concrete using stone tiles. When glued down properly they look just as good as poured concrete and add another dimension to a setting.
Regardless of the work that needs to be done on your porch, it is worth the investment. The entrance to your home is the first thing people see and is what makes or breaks curb-appeal. If it is done well, then the value of your home will increase immediately. Done poorly, regardless of how well maintained and updated the rest of your home is, the unappealing exterior is all people will remember.


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