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Loveable Lofts

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Lofts are usually added to Toronto homes to gain square footage. However, sometimes lofts are added intentionally to create a sense of fun and offer homeowners the opportunity to create a less structured, more versatile space. Lofts are great as dens, offices, lounges, bedrooms and suites. They can be given a separate entrance and used as a teenager or inlaw suite or even rented out for extra income.
Office loft
The office loft is a more functional space that will require extra outlets, plenty of light and a design that makes it conducive to working from home.
Lounge loft
The lounge loft can really be set-up any way you want. Throw a few comfortable couches around the space, an attractive accent rug and some mood lighting and you’ve got a crash pad that any teenager will appreciate.
Lofts also make great playrooms. Although they are best used for older children who are able to easily navigate stairs without worry. Spacious with plenty of room to run around, build forts or put puzzles together, lofts are great places to contain children and their toys in a safe and secure spot.
Lofts can be turned into terrific suites that some people use as their master bedroom. Given that they can take an entire floor of a residence, lofts are generally very spacious and can easily include such highly desirable features as walk-in closets, dressing rooms, sitting area and deluxe ensuites. If you add an entrance, it can also serve as a separate apartment.
Lofts are a great way of increasing your home’s square footage without necessarily adding to its footprint. They provide a versatile and relaxed space for creating wonderful areas for lounging and living with family and friends.


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