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Selling Your Home

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Selling your Toronto home might now be something that you are thinking about. With the winter snows settling in for the season, many homeowners are gearing up to put their homes on the market with the first melt to meet the demands of eager buyers. In order to make the most of your sale, there are certain things to keep in mind and to consider.

Finding the right agent

Never underestimate the skills of a good agent at helping you sell your Toronto home for the best price in the quickest time. The right agent will be someone who knows your area well and know exactly what buyers are looking for and how to position your property to get the maximum asking price for it. Finding a good agent can be as simple as asking for referrals from friends and family to looking at track records of the agents you see advertising around your neighbourhood. Remember that an agent should work for you and not the buyer – and sometimes that line is not very clear.

Getting your property ready

Although you might be forgiven for thinking that selling your home is as simple as just putting a for sale sign out front, the truth is slightly more involved. In order to get the most of your sale, your home needs to stand out and to be appealing. In other words, you’ll need to give the rooms a new coat of paint if they are looking drab, you will have to fix any holes or cracks, seal the windows, re-caulk the bathroom, cleaning everything from top-to-bottom – even if it means hiring a cleaning agency to help you get it spotless and generally getting the structure looking well-maintained.


Next, it is advisable to stage the home so that potential buyers are able to see themselves living there. Remove family portraits from the walls, declutter space so that only minimal furnishings are left and make sure that it looks inviting. If need be hire a professional home stager to help you get the most of what you have.


Every homeowners expects to get the most from the sale of their home, however, it’s never a good idea to price yourself out of the market. Find out what similar homes in your neighbourhood have sold for and then price somewhere in that range allowing room for negotiating.


Be sure to disclose any potential problems with the property upfront so that you are not held liable for them after the sale. There is always the chance that a hidden defect will present itself afterwards, but protect yourself as much as possible if you know about something in advance. A good agent will help you navigate such waters.


Insist that the agent you hire asks for professionally produced marketing materials to help promote the sale of your Toronto property. In a competitive market, professionally marketed properties will always have the edge over the competition.


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