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Sealing your Toronto Windows for Winter

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Winter winds in Toronto can wreck havoc with the energy efficiency of your home. Ensuring that your bill doesn’t spike due to a loss of heat from leaky windows is easily done. There are several ways of insulating your windows from the cold air and preventing heat loss. Here we will explore the pros and cons of several of the most common methods. Naturally the best way to ensure that you have energy efficient windows is to change any old windows for the new, low-e gas filled ones that are super efficient. However, if you don’t have the means for such drastic measures, read on for other solutions.
Rubber weather sealing: Easy to use and very convenient, rubber weather sealing is one of the simplest ways of securing your windows for the winter. All you need to do is buy a role at your local hardware store. Cut to the appropriate lengths for your windows, peel the backing tape and then fill in the gaps. The only drawback to rubber weather sealing is that it could leave a sticky residue when you remove it and occasionally it can remove the paint as well.
Window insulation film: window insulation film is a plastic shrink wrap product that you apply around the windows with two-sided tape. A hair dryer is then used to shrink the wrap around the windows sealing out the cold. Easy and effective, these kits are readily available any Toronto hardware store. The only drawback with this, would be the plastic look and blurriness that it gives to your windows.
Cellular shades: the cellular shades are another clever option for keeping out the cold during the winter months. They let in light, keep out the cold and are attractive. The drawback with these is that they can be tricky to install and don’t go with all room decors.
Draft snakes: draft snakes are are some of the most unique draft stoppers around. Whimsical, fun and colour they can be made or purchased. They can be tailored to fit any decor and are easily applied and removed. The only problem with these draft snakes is that they are only applied to the bottom of the window sills and cannot stop gaps found elsewhere along the window edge.
Lastly, layered curtains are another way of keeping out the cold. Heavy fabrics or those with insulated backings can be just as effective at keeping our winter’s chill as any of the other methods discussed over here. However, they could be expensive to purchase and do block out the light.
No matter what method you choose of insulated your windows against the cold, just remember that you must choose one if you would keep your home warm and cosy and your heating expenses down.


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