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Minimizing your Toronto Energy Bill this Winter

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Toronto winters, while not as cold as elsewhere in the country, can be cold enough. Without the proper insulation a home can bleed cold air, which will in turn raise energy consumption resulting in higher heating bills. The best way to reduce your heating bill this winter is to make sure that your house is as energy efficient as possible. Sealing your windows and doors against leaks and adding insulation to cold areas are some of the best ways to get handle on those energy costs.
Another great way to cut down on your energy consumption is to invest is the right tools – digital thermostats are your best friend in keeping accurate track of your heating. They allow you to program your heating and cooling times so that you are not heating your home unnecessarily. When combined with an energy monitoring device that can calculate your energy consumption to help you visualize and calculate the amount of energy you are using, you will be able to greatly increase your energy efficiency.
Investing in an eco-power bar is a great way to ensure that electronics are unplugged and not consuming energy when not in use. Think of it this way – if window was open and letting out heat you would close it – unplugging electronics is the same idea. When plugged in they are still consuming power even if they aren’t in use.
Another excellent way of cutting down on your energy consumption is switching out all of your regular light bulbs for LED bulbs. Although oft-repeated in the media, many people have hung on to the higher consuming halogen and incandescent bulbs. As many people are not partial to the white light version of LED bulbs, there are many bulbs now on the market offering soft white or sunlight coloured bulbs.
If all else fails and your heating bill is still too high in the winter, go the old fashioned way and dress for the weather! Bundle up with sweaters and warm clothing while at home so that you can keep your thermostat lower.


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