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Installing a door: the basics

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Installing an interior door in your Toronto home can be a bit of a challenge, but if you follow the proper steps, it is also one of those tasks that bring with it bragging rights. Yes, it can be tricky, but getting the proper level at the beginning really is the trickiest part. Once you have the proper level set, then you will have a much easier time of it. Before starting this project, however, be sure to have a package of wood shims as well as finishing nails – and, a very good level. You can check if your level is good by laying it down on a flat surface and noting the position of the bubble, then flip it over and see that the bubble returns to the exact same spot – if it doesn’t, get a new level.
Here are a few basic guidelines for the proper installation of an interior door:
Level the floor
If the floor beneath your door jamb is uneven, then your latch will not line-up and your door will not close properly. Check to make sure that your floor is not uneven. If it is then you will have to trim one of the door frame posts to compensate for it. Remember that if you have to cut more than ¼ of the frame from one side, then you may have to also trim the door itself to ensure that it closes properly.
Once you have the floor level, nail one shim to the inside frame to get started. Next, place your door into the frame and make sure that it is opens and closes properly. If there are any problems opening and closing the door, you will have to shim the sides to get it even. Once it has the proper movement, secure the jamb to the post by nailing along its length.
When the door is initially secured, check the movement again and place a shim beneath each hinge to ensure the proper functioning of the door. Once all of the shims are in place, nail the jamb through the shims. Break off any protruding shims.
Use a nail set to push the nails beneath the surface of the wood and then fill the holes with spackle to create a smooth finish. Check the door again to make sure it opens and closes properly and make any adjustments using a sledgehammer to gently tap into place where necessary.


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