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Changing a light fixture

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One of the simpler DIY tasks on any home reno list is that of changing a light fixture. Although it is advisable to always consult and/or hire an electrician if your electrical system is old and not set-up in a standard fashion, most homes have light fixtures that can be switched fairly easily even by those without a lot of DIY experience.
1. Turn off the power
The first thing to do is turn off the circuit breaker controlling the power supply to the fixture you wish to change. Find your circuit panel and turn off the breaker. If you aren’t sure which breaker it is, keep the light on and try each breaker until the light goes off.
2. Remove the old fixture
When you are removing your old light fixture, be sure to take good note of how the wires have been attached. If need be, take a picture of the set-up so that you aren’t wondering afterwards which wires you should be attaching together.
3. Secure light box in place
Once the old fixture has been removed, be sure that the light box is securely in place so that it is easier for you to work on it – but it shouldn’t be too tight or you won’t be able to manipulate the wires.
4. Connect new wires
Now you are ready to connect the wires of the new fixture to the wiring in your home. If you don’t remember exactly how that should be done – consult the picture that you took of the old wiring!
5. Install canopy
Bend the wires into the base and then install the new fixture’s base/canopy to the light box.
6. Install bulbs
Install the wattage of bulb called for by the light fixture. If you use a bulb that requires too high a wattage, it will constantly burn out.
7. Install cover
The last step to changing your light fixture is to install the pretty part – the cover that will make all of the difference to the look of your home.


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