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The other real estate – cemetery plots

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Buying real estate in Toronto is almost a given for many people who want to put down roots and have a place to call their own. Regardless of the high values of the current housing market, people still see the property market as a solid investment. There is another real estate available that most people don’t even think about until faced with its reality – cemetery plots. Yes, cemetery plots in Toronto are a real commodity, the price of which can come as a shock when faced with purchasing them when the need presents itself.
No one really wants to think about having to purchase a cemetery plot – but as the saying goes the only things sure in life are death and taxes. At some point everyone will need a cemetery plot. Planning for this eventuality is unpleasant but will make life a lot easier for those left behind to sort things out when you are gone.
Similar to housing values, the cost of cemetery plots rises every year. So, getting a plot when you are still young is actually a very smart investment strategy. Naturally, there are many reasons why people put off this most important purchase. When you are young, people want to concentrate on living! They want to buy a house, cars, put their kids through school and go on vacation – cemetery plots rarely fit into those plans. However, taking a moment to actually look into a cemetery plot is definitely worth your while.
Cemetery plots in Toronto run the gamut in pricing from about $2000 for a double plot in the GTA and suburbs to closer to $20,000 for a double plot in the city – and these prices are going up every year. Like any other property investment, the higher demand the costlier that piece of land will be. You can cut down costs by opting for cremation and a smaller plot, but if you want the full burial, then you need to plan for the purchase of this plot after you are gone. And, once you have bought a plot, those prices are guaranteed and you won’t have to worry about price increases in the future.
Many cemeteries now provide purchase plans for people similar to car loans or even mortgages where they can purchase their plot and plan their funerals down to the last details so that their relatives don’t have to worry about it after they are gone. It is probably the best gift that you could ever possibly give your relatives.


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