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Tiny homes – fad or forward-looking

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Tiny Toronto homes might be the way of the future. Already serving the needs of young couples who want to live debt-free, these innovative constructions are typically less than 500 square feet and have clever features for storage and for incorporating all of the amenities found in regular-sized houses but in a way that saves space and has some items doing double duty.
The tiny home movement started a few years ago and was born out of a desire to live simply and to avoid the pitfalls of tremendous debt. They are also portable and easily moved from one place to the next, making them ideal for people who wanted flexibility and the ability to just up and move when they wanted.
Tiny homes present a unique opportunity for people who want to rid themselves of the very high costs of purchasing and maintaining a regular sized house. Given the very high prices of the real estate market in a large North American cities, many younger people find themselves squeezed and priced out of purchasing property – but still want a place to call their own. Hence, the birth of the tiny home. They are a great way for someone to own property and to live with a very low overhead until they feel ready to move to a more conventional home – if that is ever something they want.
The price of a tiny house costs around $266/square foot – making them actually more expensive than a regular house, but given the overall scale of the tiny house, it ends up costing a lot less in the long run. And, the tiny house comes with finishes that are a lot superior than those in a regular house simply because the smaller square footage allows you to customize and add those high-end touches in a more cost-controlled way.
Tiny homes might not be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle or needs, but they are a terrific option for people who want a simpler lifestyle, less expense and little to no debt.


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