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Using drone photography to boost sales

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Successful Toronto realtors know that they always need to be one step ahead of the game in order to keep their clients happy. To this end, they will opt for all of the latest tools available for displaying their listings in the best possible light. One of those ways that is currently gaining in popularity is drone photography.
Drone photography in Toronto is taking off (no pun intended!) in large part because it presents a listing in a unique and unexpected way. Giving potential homebuyers an elevated view of the home they are thinking of purchasing has the following advantages:
Allows homebuyers to see the whole scope of the property
Shows the true state of the roof and eaves
Captures the full beauty of the structure and its surroundings as well as the neighbourhood
If you are contemplating drone photography for your listing, it’s important to hire professionals. Unless you have experienced drone photographers on your team, you won’t get the kind of shots and angles that truly show-off your listing to its full potential.
Imaginahome has some of the best, most experienced drone photographers in the industry. One of the first real estate marketing companies to adopt drone photography, their trained professionals know exactly how to capture a property’s essence and to show it off for maximum effect.
So, for your next high-end listing considering using drone photography to give your extra special property that extra special boost with homebuyers. Contact Imaginahome today to find out how they can help.


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