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Can a tiny home work for you?

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Tiny homes are quite the rage right now. It is no wonder really; with the cost of real estate reaching record levels, young people and those who want to simplify their lives have started looking for an alternate way to enjoy the kind of lifestyle they want without severely impacting their budgets. However, before rushing out to join the Toronto tiny home craze, there are several questions that you need to answer.
The first and most obvious question you need to ask yourself is whether you will be able to live in a greatly reduced space. Tiny homes are typically less than 500 square feet. While this may sound like a lot of space, remember that it will be fitted up with everything you need – kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. You will have to be able to live contentedly in a confined area.
The next question to answer is whether you are ready to give up your possessions. Naturally in a small space you will not have room for your book or record collection except for those items most precious to you. Are you willing to either give away or sell your “stuff” because you will definitely not be able to take it all with you. Then again, your wish for moving to a tiny house is probably to simplify your life – in which case you probably won’t want a whole lot of material items anyway.
The other very serious consideration you will have to take into account is the question of entertaining. Your ability to entertain at home will be greatly reduced simply due to a lack of space for hosting more than a couple of friends. If you are a very social person who enjoys having people over every evening or on the weekends, then you will have to alter either the way you entertain or save all of your entertaining for the summer when you can host your family and friends outside.
Despite the questions above, many people have successfully transferred their lives to a tiny home and have never looked back. If you are willing to give up the material accoutrements we take for granted, then you will certainly thrive in a tiny house.


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