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Fish pond care

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Having a fish pond in your Toronto garden can add serenity and tranquility to your backyard. You can landscape your fish pond to look natural and add benches and sitting areas around it to maximize the return you can get from its beauty. While fish ponds require a bit more care than an average garden, they are not so complex that you cannot master the art fairly quickly.
If you have ever owned an aquarium then you already know the basics of maintaining a healthy fish pond in your Toronto backyard. You will have to follow the same kind of guidelines that you would to keep any indoor aquarium life healthy.
Here are the recommendations:
1 – Don’t overfeed your fish! Fish will eat all that they need within 2-3 minutes. Any leftover food should be removed from the water immediately. Food that isn’t eaten usually falls to the bottom of the pond and rots.
2 – Keep a healthy balance of plants around your pond. Your pond should be shaded by plants, but it should be by no less than 40% of the surrounding surface and no more than 60%. Any level that doesn’t fall within those numbers will unbalance the pH level of the water in your pond. You should also remember to keep your pond shaded during the hottest days of the summer. Water temperature should not exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit as then oxygen levels in the water will drop and your fish will have a harder time breathing.
3 – Have a good pump. Make sure that the pump you have for your pond is the right size for the area you have. You should always have a good circulation of water going. Reading the specs of the pump on the box will let you know whether the one you have is right for your pond.
4 – Keep your pond clean. Make sure that you clean your pond frequently to prevent the build-up debris and decay. When debris starts to decay, it will raise the ammonia levels in the water, which is hazardous to aquatic life.
Keeping your pond healthy is not that difficult. As long as you are able to follow the simple guidelines outlined here, you can enjoy your fish friends for years.


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