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Caring for your hedges

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If you love the look of hedges for your Toronto home, but don’t know exactly how to maintain them so that they maintain their healthy, green fullness, don’t despair – it’s actually rather easy. We will take a look at the basics of hedge care below.
Planting your hedges should be done in loose, well fertilized soil. Be sure to put them with their branches just touching so that they have room to grow and spread out. If you plant them too close, they won’t thrive. Jiggle the roots around in the ground to make sure that there is no air space between the soil.
Once your hedges are established, caring for them is actually quite easy. Just make sure to fertilize them every spring with horn meal and to keep the soil around them loose for maximum aeration. Your hedges should be watered daily – especially when temperatures climb and/or if there is little rain in the forecast. You can trim your hedges to keep them at the height you want and to also shape them as needed. If you do shape your hedges, then they will have to maintained at least three times during the summer season to help them maintain their shape. However, just be careful not to cut into hardwood as it will remain bald and not grow back.
In the fall, remove any deadwood and, if the hedges are small and in areas of heavy snowfall, wrap them in burlap to help them keep their shape and to protect them over the winter.
As you can see hedges are among the more low maintenance plants around. Not only do they look great, but they are also very easy to care for!


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