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Getting the right carport

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Protecting your car from Toronto winters is a very important consideration. While some folks are fortunate enough to have a garage in which to park their vehicles others have only a driveway. While it is always possible to purchase a temporary carport such as a tempo to tide you over during the winter, it is also worth looking into investing in a sturdier more permanent structure. A permanent carport can be a very versatile addition to your property. Not only would it provide protection for your cars from snow and rain, but it could also serve as a place to do repairs, store items you wouldn’t store in a house and can provide shelter for outdoor activities.
If you do decide to build a carport on your driveway, you will have to check your municipality’s bylaws to find out what permits you will need. Whether you are building something small or something big, you will definitely need to get permission to do so beforehand.
Next you will have to decide on a number of different elements before finalizing your carport purchase. Depending on the uses to which you are going to put it, you might want to consider a single, double or triple-width carport, an extended or regular size and you can also choose to add a side wall or two. The shape of the roof is another element you will need to decide. Currently there regular, boxed eave or vertical roofs from which to choose. Regular carports are the most economical, but will require a lot more maintenance to ensure that snow and water don’t accumulate on them. Boxed evase basically look like an A with legs and the vertical roofs are at the top-end of the spectrum as their design encourages snow and rain to just sluice right off.
You will also want to decide on whether to install a permanent or temporary carport. Naturally the beauty of a permanent structure is less work – once it is up, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
The finishes of your carport will also be something to consider – after all, you want something that is going to enhance your home, not detract from it because it sticks out or doesn’t blend in properly.
Getting a carport is a smart investment if you are worried about your vehicles being exposed to the elements, don’t necessarily want to dig them out during the winter and want a place to store items you wouldn’t normally keep at home.


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