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Sealing your pavers

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If you love the look of pavers for your Toronto home, then you will probably be wondering whether you need to seal them. The short answer: yes! Pavers are made out of concrete, which is a porous material. If you don’t seal them they are more prone to staining and fading. A good sealer will help stains wash right off and will help to preserve the colour of your pavers.
There are different sealers that you can use depending on the look and level of protection that you want. The two basic types are filming forming and non-film forming. The filming forming sealers provide the best protection as they create a physical barrier on the paver while the non-film forming sealers are still very good and also last longer.
Within the two types of sealers you can also choose between having a Wet or Clear look and having Natural or Colour boost product. The Wet and Clear looks are obtained from film-forming sealers.
If you are using non-film forming sealers you should wait for a week before sealing your pavers – and you should wait for at least a month if you want to use a film-forming sealer. Prior to sealing your pavers, you must be sure to clean them thoroughly with one of the many products available for this purpose. It will not only remove dust and debris but will open the pores up to the sealer providing better protection in the process. Be sure to let the pavers dry sufficiently before sealing them! If it’s sunny out, then a few hours should be enough, but if it’s overcast and rainy, then you should definitely wait for at least 24 hours.
Once done you can rest comfortable for the next 3-5 years before having to worry about sealing them again.


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