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Exposed beams

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Exposed beams in your Toronto home can be a spectacular way of increasing the character of your rooms. Whether you choose to place them in a principal living area, in a casual recreation room or in a bedroom, the one thing that an exposed beam can deliver is style!
The traditional look of an exposed beam is the natural wood. However, while that is a solid look that imparts plenty of cachet, new ways of including exposed beams include painting the beams either white or a contrasting colour to better highlight the ceiling.
Exposed beams don’t necessarily have to run from one end of a room to the other, either – they can be more structural and follow the shape of your ceiling to create something more detailed and visually stimulating.
Contrary to popular belief, many exposed beams are not actually structural and are purely there for aesthetic purposes. So, even if your Toronto home doesn’t currently have any exposed beams, you can definitely get that great look by simply adding beams to the ceiling of your existing space. A good designer could help you identify the best spot for the beams as well as the best kind of beams to include and an experienced contractor could add them for you.
Regardless of your existing ceiling, it is possible to get this great look in your home.


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