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Anchoring a Room for Maximum Impact

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If you want each room in our Toronto home to stand out, you will have to find some kind of anchor or focal point that will attract attention and around which you can build the rest of your décor. Whether this element is something grand, such as a fireplace, or more of a background feature, such as wall treatment, it your choice, but such details can truly alter the appearance of any space.
Big Statements
Depending on the room that you which to jazz up, you will want to look at different options. After all, what works well in a formal living room won’t translate well in a casual family room. The same holds true for a master bedroom versus a guest bedroom. Naturally, big statement pieces are best reserved for the principal entertaining areas of your home. If you have a grand living room, then an ornate fireplace or a dazzling, crystal chandelier are terrific anchors. They can get the tone of your space whether it is formal and elegant or more modern and chic. Big statements can also be made with feature walls – where one wall of the room is given a textured finish or turned into a an art piece, a fish tank or any other element that would draw attention.
Small Statements
Smaller statements are best reserved for bedrooms, recreation areas and informal spaces. Smaller statement features can include lighting, wall covering or even a unique piece of furniture. An antique cupboard can look great in a kitchen or family room and lend it a rustic look while a more wood bookshelves could give the same spaces a completely different look and feel.
Designer Help
If you aren’t sure about how you can create drama and intrigue in your rooms, you might want to consider enlisting the help of an interior decorator. Decorators run the gamut in terms of cost and are versatile in that they can provide you with the breakdown of what would look good in your home based on your tastes and then let you find those items on your own – or they can redecorate for you entirely.
Using a room anchor is a good way of helping you decide on colour, texture and theme in your home. It will make your decorating life much easier!


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