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Buying appliances

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If you are in the market for new appliances there are a few key things to keep in mind to guarantee that you make the right selections.

1. Know what you want
Although this might seem self-explanatory, it is actually one of the key sticking points when it comes to making a sound appliance decision. There are so many bells-and-whistles available now from smart-home integrated technology to fashionable colours to professional-grade appliances, knowing what you want will help you eliminate those items that might ratchet up the price with little of no use to you. If you want a fridge with an in-door water dispenser and icemaker, be ready to compromise on the available space for storing your food on the inside as many models keep the ice maker where your top shelf would go. If space is definitely something you prize in a fridge then you might be better off with a model that dispenses water indoor but has the ice maker in the freezer section. It is only by knowing what is indispensable to you and what is a nice-to-have, will you be able to quickly zero-in on the appliances that will truly meet all of your needs.

2. Determine your price and stick with it!
Once you know what features you want in your appliances, you have to decide on just how much you are willing to spend. You can get appliances that offer similar features for a range of prices. When we were looking for a refrigerator recently we saw models ranging from $900 all the way to $4000 offering very similar features. The appliance we ultimately chose offered us all of the features we wanted in a price range we were happy with and with the almost five-star reviews to back up the company’s claims of being a good appliance. However, finding the perfect fridge took a long time, which brings us to the next tip.

3. Take your time
Unless your stove stops working and you absolutely need to replace it right away, take your time when appliances shopping. Be sure to visit a number of stores and look at as many models as possible. Compare prices and don’t forget to look online. Oftentimes the virtual version of a store will offer better prices than what you will get in-store. If you do see a price online that you like, print it up and take it with you to see if the store will price match – they almost always do.

4. Don’t forget your tape measure
As silly as this sounds, appliances are constantly evolving and a “standard” size fridge from ten years ago is no longer the “standard” for today. Be sure to measure the space you have for your appliances at home before heading out to the store. When you see an appliance you like, measure it to be sure that it fits into your home before buying it – because many stores won’t take something back because it doesn’t fit.

Getting new appliances is always fun – and seeing them in your kitchen is even better!


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