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Winter-proofing your roof

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As the warm weather days start getting fewer and the sun starts setting earlier, it is a good time to start thinking about winter proofing your Toronto home – and where better to start than at the top with your roof? Knowing the basics of preventative roof care can save you thousands in major repairs.

The first thing to know about roofs is their shape – your Toronto home either has a flat or peaked roof. Naturally a flat roof will be much easier to maintain and replace making them the less expensive option, however, they are more prone to accumulating water and don’t do well with heavy snowfall. In the long run, they will require more maintenance in snowy, wet conditions to keep them in tip-top shape.

Peaked roofs have any number of angles and slopes. They are definitely more expensive to install and repair, but they require much less maintenance because rain and snow slough off them easily. While they can still get damaged, it is less likely.

What is important to do regardless of your roof’s shape is to check twice a year for any of the following warning signs:

Swelling or deformation
Mold, moss or lichen, as they can signal an underlying decay setting in
Debris such as leaves, bird nests, rocks, etc… anything that could block drainage
Water accumulation
Sand or gravel as this could be an indication of rotting shingles
For flat roofs: check the perimeter
Clogged drains and gutters
Damage at the seams between any two sections of roof
Rust on the flashings
Missing shingles

If there are any warning signs indicating some kind of issue, you should call your roofer immediately to get it evaluated. It is best to take care of potential problems when the weather is still clement, than trying to deal with a leaky roof when the weather is freezing.

To ensure a healthy roof year-round, be sure to:
Clean your gutters and drains
Remove heavy snow if you see it accumulate
Replace damaged shingles immediately
Reseal seams if they show signs of curling up

As long as you take the time to check your roof regularly, you’ll be able to keep it healthy for as long as possible.


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