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To list early or wait

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Welcome to 2020! We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and are refreshed and ready for another year.

As you know the buying season is gearing up and in just a few weeks this year’s market will start to hum. If you are thinking of listing your house this year, then the ideal time to do so is coming up. The spring rush is that perfect time when buyers emerge from their wintery cocoons and hit the realty market in search of their dream home. However, listing your place just ahead of the rush could actually be more advantageous depending on your goals.

There is a distinct lack of inventory in February and March meaning that buyers will appreciate any new listings that hit the market. It also means that if a good property comes up there is more likely to be a bidding war on it than if there is a large supply of homes for buyers to choose from. In fact, March tends to be the best month for home sales for the year.

Buyers who start their search for a home in Toronto in February and March also tend to be more motivated, understand the market and are keen to close a deal. They typically tend to be those who missed the fall rush of the previous year and are motivated. Naturally you will also have those who believe in starting early to scope out what’s available and then decide, however, savvy buyers will understand that to get what they want they need to move fast and come with their best offer.

Listing early is good for buyers as well since they are able to buy and move in by the summer making the move easier than doing so later in the year.

When you are ready to list – whether it is early in the year or at the height of the spring rush, just be sure to choose your Toronto realtor with care. It’s best to hire someone who specializes in your neighbourhood so that they know how to promote your listing and where to find motivated buyers.


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