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The Ultimate Man-Cave

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Man-caves are a popular feature in many Toronto homes. A place that the man in a family can call his own. A place he can escape to and listen to music, watch sports or even play games. Creating a man-cave in your home doesn’t have to be expensive and elaborate – with just a little imagination and some elbow grease you can create a truly memorable experience that is tailored for the man (or men) in your home.
The first thing to do when creating a man-cave is to choose a favorite theme – whether it is music, a particular sport, movies or some other interest, having a theme will help you to narrow down your decorating style and ideas.
Next decide on favorite colours – does the man who will be using the man-cave like muted, sombre colours or does he prefer brighter hues? Getting his favorite colours right will go a long way towards helping pull the whole look together. If you can create a swatch board with the different wall colours, fabric textures and other elements that you plan to incorporate into the design, it will make it easier for you to visualize how all of the elements you want will look together.
The best man-caves in Toronto feature some kind of personalization. If you can add something coveted – for instance frame a signed concert poster of a favorite artist or the pictures taken on a particularly memorable holiday. Include memorabilia from cherished hobbies or pastimes, etc… The personal touch will really add to the cachet of any such room.
Most men are into gadgets and/or electronics. Including all of those items that will make his man-cave a real escape will definitely please the intended owner of the room.
In the end, get your man involved so that he is aware of what’s going into the design and can tell you just what he would like to have in his personal space – after all, he’s the one who will be using it!


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