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The difference between a porch and portico

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Ever wondered whether your Toronto home has a porch or portico? You are not alone! While very similar, the two structures serve different purposes.
A porch is an extension of your home’s living space and usually runs the length of your facade. It is generally covered and used for sitting and relaxing or even entertaining. Porches have been around for centuries and still see plenty of use. The function of a porch has greatly evolved through the years and while they are still used regularly for enjoying a cool breeze at the end of the day, they have also become decorative and are used to enhance the overall look and curb appeal of a home.
The construction of porches varies greatly across structures. The flooring used also runs the gamut from place-to-place as does the covering as well.. They range from very casual structures to more formal ones. However, the one thing they all have in common is how functional and useful they are.
Porticos are strictly functional and are mainly meant to shelter your doorway and yourself from the elements while trying to enter or exit the house. They are also used to add plenty of drama to a structure. Usually reserved for grand homes and large buildings, porticos have also been successfully used on smaller residential properties.
Sometimes porticos are large enough to house a decorative table and set of chairs but they are rarely used for actual socializing due to their size and restrictiveness. However, they can still add plenty of drama and flare to an entranceway.
Regardless of whether you are thinking of adding a portico or a porch to your home, both options are great ways to enhance the overall look and curb appeal of your home.


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