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The Beauty of Mosaics

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Mosaics can enhance the beauty of your Toronto home in a unique and utterly enchanting way. The ancient art of creating mosaics goes back through the centuries to antiquity and was one of the preeminent forms of adorning homes in the ancient world. In fact, some of those ancient works were so beautifully inlaid and expertly done that they have survived through time to bring ancient life back to us in a way we would never have glimpsed otherwise. If you are looking to add character and a special flare to your home, then consider the addition of mosaics to either or both of your interior and exterior spaces.
There are many ways of incorporating mosaics into your home. We will take a look at a few of the many ways that you can use this wonderful technique for spectacular results.
Mosaic tiled floors are a terrific way to include a one-of-a-kind flare to any space. Whether inserting a medallion, creating a mosaic border or investing the time to create a more elaborate pattern or picture, mosaics are a great way of adding including your personality into a setting.
Mosaics on walls are also quite traditional and were far more common in years past than today. However, you can bring the art back to your home to create memorable spaces. The most common areas for mosaic walls today is in ensuites and kitchens, although that doesn’t mean you can’t create something special above your fireplace or even along a staircase.
Objects used in your home can also be covered in mosaics to create unique pieces that aren’t available elsewhere. Covering a chair or table in fun tiles can breathe life into old furniture or transform existing pieces into works of art. For some fun DIY mosaic projects go here //bit.ly/1TjfQUd.
The garden is a great place for letting your imagination go and creating terrific, mosaic objects to decorate your outdoor living space. For some whimsical ideas for your home go here //bit.ly/1prGxUo.
There are also plenty of ideas on Pinterest and other craft sites that can give you plenty of ideas for beautifying your home by using mosaics.


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