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Spring Cleaning Time!

590 400 Nisha Muire
Spring has arrived in Toronto and with it brings the urge to clean-up after a long and arduous winter. This year, instead of stopping at the usual clean-up of walls, windowsm, furniture, ceilings and floors, why not take it a step further? In the spirit of Marie Kondo, try decluttering to simplify you home and life.

Decluttering your Toronto home may sound simple, but can be harder than you think. However, if you follow the philosophy Marie Kondo espouses on her hit TV show, then you will keep only those things that spark joy in your life and get rid of anything else that is simply taking up space. Weeding out all of those items that are not longer useful or which you have stopped using is a great way of freeing your mind as well as your house. It will provide you with the space and freedom to enjoy those things that truly matter.

If you are loathe to simply get rid of your beloved stuff, you can always gift the things you consider still good to others who might appreciate them. Collect all of the items you no longer use, but which still have plenty of life left in them in one place and then take them all to goodwill or your local thrift shop. If you are more entrepreneurial, you might want to try selling it through your local online classifieds.

While there are those who cite studies showing that people with messy desks tend to be more creative and think outside the box, the organized people do tend to get more done and are more productive overall.

Regardless of how you dispose of your excess stuff, you will feel the benefits of a freer, less cluttered house.


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