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Keeping bugs at bay

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Summer in the city means sun, fun, barbeques and relaxation. However, it can also mean pests! What can you do to naturally repel insects and bugs from invading your Toronto home? Read on for some fun tips on how to use every-day natural items found around your house to make your home a fortress against pest invasion.
Moth be-gone!
Can’t stand moths? Well moths can’t stand cedar – which is why the fragrant wood was traditionally used to build closets. In lieu of a full cedar closet, you can purchase cedar chips or hanging blocks that you can keep in your closets, pantries or anywhere else you want to keep moth-free!
After eating those oranges or juicing that lemon – don’t throw out the peels! Citrus peels are a fantastic spider repellant. Just rub surfaces where spiders tend to gather and you won’t have to worry about sleeping with your mouth open anymore. Bonus – citrus smells great and polishes furniture nicely.
Mosquito repellant
No one likes being bitten by mosquitoes while trying to enjoy the great outdoors – a simple solution? Eat lots of garlic! Mosquitoes aren’t big garlic fans… the only trouble is it might keep others away from you too!
Ant aversion
If you start seeing ants creeping into your home, it’s time to break out the white vinegar and spritz along doors and windows to keep them out.
Keeping bugs away from the home
Along with the above remedies – other very effective ways of keeping bugs at bay include sprinkling cinnamon around the place and planting fragrant herbs around your house.
There are plenty of other ways to keep pests from ruining your summer-time activities. A simple online search can yield a slew of great ideas that won’t break the bank yet will also be very useful in keeping your home bug-free.


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