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Keep Your Toronto Home Dry During the Spring Thaw

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Spring is one of the most dangerous times of year for Toronto homes and water damage. Thawing snow has an insidious way of infiltrating roof seams, windows and doors to cause damage to interior structures and finishes. Unchecked water build-up from snow melt can also affect foundations and lead to severe damage if left unchecked. There are several ways to protect your home from the ravages that water can wreck on your property. Here is a top-level overview of what to do to keep your home dry this spring.

Keeping your eyes open for the signs of water damage is the number one thing you should do to protect your home. Water damage has some very obvious signs and if you spot any of the following, you should immediately follow up with a contractor to find out how the issue can be addressed. Clear warning signs of a problem include:

Water puddles
Water stains on the ceilings, walls or floors
Cracks that appear suddenly or increase in size in concrete floors or walls
Discolouration on floors or walls
Mould or mildew
Mustiness or dampness

Any of the above should automatically trigger a search for the cause and a remedy for the problem.

Before the melt you should also check to make sure your sump pump is working properly.

Outside it is very important to clear any large snow build-up off your roof and to clear your gutters and downspouts so that any melt will have an easy path away from your house. Also make sure that your downspouts are at least two meters away from your foundation. Around your residence you should also make sure to clear away any standing water and to fix areas where water can pool – this is especially important around your foundation.

With just a little bit of effort on your part, you will be able to keep your home dry and secure every wet season for years to come.


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