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Is a Temporary Car Shelter Worth the Cost?

539 359 Nisha Muire
Temporary car shelters in Toronto are interesting structures that are certainly very convenient, but not always considered aesthetically pleasing. While they might know of the value of having a carport, many homeowner’s are not sure whether it is a sound investment to make. The answer will really depend on several factors.
Regardless of whether a home has a garage or not, many people opt to purchase a temporary car shelter to erect in the winter. Temporary car shelters are quick fixes to the problem of snow removal. Those who prefer not to hire a snow removal company to deal with the snow that inevitably piles up during a typical Toronto winter, might consider a temporary car shelter as the best alternative to constantly shoveling out.
The pros of having a temporary car shelter include:
Protecting your car from snow and ice
Reducing the need to shovel out after snowfalls
Protecting your driveway from the salt you would strew to melt ice
Once it is paid off, you don’t have to pay for yearly snow removal
The cons of having a temporary car shelter include:
Not aesthetically pleasing
Can be restricting
Might not be allowed by your municipality
Overall, owning a temporary car shelter is certainly worth the price you pay for them. Not only will they create a snow-free zone for your vehicle, they will save you from having to spend hours of back-breaking labour shovelling out after a snowfall and they will last a long time.


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