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Getting the perfect coat of paint

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Refreshing the colour palate of your Toronto home is one of the easiest projects for a DIY enthusiast. Painting can a lot of fun and very satisfying as it is one of those projects that can totally transform your living space in very little time. Painting your home is also an inexpensive way to refresh a tired room. To get it right here are a few handy tips to follow.
1. Prepare your walls by repairing any major cracks and filling in holes. Be sure to sand and then prime the patched sections so that your paint job doesn’t turn out blotchy.
2. Lightly sand your walls to ensure better adhesion of your new paint job. Next wash your walls thoroughly and dry to get the best adhesion possible.
3. Paint the trims first and they paint the ceilings and walls.
4. To paint the trims, first use a sponge sander to sand the trims wipe clean and apply your first coat of paint. Allow to dry for 24 hour, then lightly sand again, vacuum, wipe clean and then apply the second coat – this will give you a nice smooth finish. Allow to dry for 24 hours then
5. Once the trims are dry you can tape them off using an easy release painter’s tape.
6. To get a nice finish on your edges and corners paint with a paint brush first and then smooth over immediately with a roller.
7. Wait for paint to dry for at least 24 hrs before removing painter’s tape – however, since it will form a layer that could remove some of the freshly applied paint it is best to cut along the edge using an exacto knife before removing the tape.
And voilà! You’ll have a beautifully painted home.


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